Kellyanne Conway, the first woman to run and win a presidential campaign, and Counselor to President Trump was asked for her reaction to the accusation of physical misconduct by former V.P. Joe Biden against Nevada Democrat Lucy Flores. She responded by explaining Biden’s nickname, Creepy Uncle Joe.

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Kellyanne Conway’s response explained Biden’s nickname Creepy Uncle Joe:

First of all, this woman Lucy is very bold to come forward and I would remind the audience that she shares Joe Biden’s political party. He was there to help the Democratic party of Nevada and her candidacy. So it’s quite bold for her to go up against the highest levels of her own political party.

But all of these post-#MeToo allegations and insinuations really don’t comport with probably Joe Biden’s conduct over the years. If anybody just types in “Creepy Uncle Joe videos’ you come up with a treasure trove. Far more evidentiary information and videos and we saw one Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination was trying to be derailed and him as an individual and his family being destroyed by folks who had no evidence of what had allegedly happened 34 years earlier.

The SCHMOTUS Joe Biden earned that nickname. Long before Ms. Flores spoke out Biden was known for inappropriately touching women in public. The MSM always treated it as a joke. Joe’s problem is that he touches women who don’t want to be touched by him

Good Ole’ Joe’s been caught on camera embracing a female reporter Amie Parnes from behind and gripping her above her waist, just below her bust. Parnes’ hands are firmly clasped over Biden’s seemingly to blocking the then-vice president’s hands from wandering upwards.

At a swearing-in ceremony for Obama’s Defense Secretary Ash Carter, Biden put his hands on the shoulders of Stephanie Carter, Carter’s wife, and then seemed to kiss her on the side of the head

A reoccurring Biden move is to take a woman by the shoulders from behind, whispering into their ears or kissing them on the side of the head.. Once at a swearing-in ceremony for Chris Coons (D-Del.) he held the upper arm of the senator’s preteen daughter, leaned down and whispered into her ear, as she became visibly uncomfortable. Then he kissed the side of her forehead, which made the girl flinch.

The  MSMS wrote about these incidents, but almost as jokes, the NBC News Headline was “Photo of famously friendly Joe Biden goes viral,” US News titled another incident, “Here’s Joe Biden being Joe Biden with Ash Carter’s wife.” If Biden were a Republican, the media would be ripping him every time he appeared in public.

Sadly as you can see by the video below, many of Biden’s inappropriate touching incidents involve young girls.

It’s all a bit strange because as it stands today, the RCP Average shows Joe Biden is leading the 2020 Democratic Party field. But aren’t they the party that claims to best understand women?

Watch the video below to fully understand why Biden earned the nickname “Creepy Uncle Joe.”