This is more than a story about a lying politician, my site is full of those kind of stories.  This is a story about a powerful man who uses his power to bully others.

A post on Jan. 27th told the story of Cheri Jacobus, a political consultant who was approached by an old friend to join the nascent Donald Trump campaign.  Earlier that day, Trump’s campaign manager told Joe Scarborough that Ms. Jacobus had begged him for a job. Trump tweeted out the lie after Jacobus appeared on Don Lemon’s program on CNN Tuesday evening.
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Because of her political opposition to Trump, since that first story today  Cheri Jacobus’ twitter feed, has been barraged with tweets from Trump supporters that were nothing short of vile. Many of them accused her of begging Trump for a job and turning on him because she was rejected.  That is a falsehood that I confirmed on Wednesday morning.

Today I had the chance to speak to Jim Dornan on the phone. Dornan is Jacobus’  “old friend” who was reported in the Jan 27th article as asking her to join the Trump effort. I had sent Dornan an email with Facebook conversations he had with Jacobus. They had been sent to my by the political consultant and I asked him to verify their truth.

While he couldn’t get into the specifics of the lunches, conversations etc, because he signed a non-disclose with the Trump team, he was able confirm as valid a Facebook message conversation

Mr. Dornan told me that the following Facebook conversations were absolutely true. They all occurred in May 2015. The first conversation (May 18th)  is the key one which proves that the Trump campaign approached her first.

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Important Note: Mr. Dornan confirmed both the screen shot above and the typed version of the May 19th messages below:

May 19- Jim to Cheri: He liked you. I thought it went well


May 19-Cheri to Jim:Thanks for arranging the meeting. I am intrigued and am thinking about what I would need. I was just reading the Des Moines Register piece


 May 19-Jim to Cheri: TOTAL AGREEMENT!! Corey [Trump’s campaign Mgr Corey Lewandowski] wants to sit down with you next week. I just got off the phone with him. Can you get away for 30 minutes or so? I know your parents are in town


Donald Trump is nothing but a bully who believes that he is entitled to push every opponent around even if it means lying. Instead of rational discussion with people trying to work out their differences, Trump attacks. His venom and that of his team and supporters is so bad that even some of his opponents fear his wrath.

Can someone who treats people with such an aggressive arrogance really fight for “common” Americans? IMHO the answer is no, he will try to bully America the same way he is trying to bully Cheri Jacobus, Megyn Kelly, and if you check his twitter feed regularly –dozens of others.

Donald Trump would be the kind of leader that Thomas Jefferson warned us about when he said:

“When the people fear the government, that’s tyranny; when the government fears the people, that’s freedom.”

Think long and hard, would a candidate who spends his days viciously attacking others lead a government that “fears the people?” Or as he does now would he ensure that the people fear him?

Note this is only one element of the story, people have asked questions about what was discussed at the lunches, why Cheri Jacobus went to the meeting/lunches with Jim Dornan/Trump’s campaign manager, etc.  Those questions were answer in the first post called, “Trump Camp Told Her They Were Confident From Start They Had Ailes In The Bag