California Governor Newsom limited concealed carry after a week of mass shootings in the heavily gun-controlled state. California Senate Bill 2 (SB 2) limits the right to concealed carry by adding severe restrictions – and Governor Newsom is whole-heartedly behind it. Never mind that concealed carry had nothing to do with the recent mass shootings in California.

Newsom, standing alongside Attorney General Rob Bonta; Sen. Anthony Portantino, D-Burbank; and other Democratic leaders and gun control advocates, said the state’s recent mass shootings pushed him to continue fighting to make California a leader in gun control.

“We’re saving lives, but we have more work to do on this effort,” Newsom said. The latest push to rewrite the state law follows a deadly wave of gun violence in both urban and rural parts of the state, including Monterey Park, Half Moon Bay, Goshen, Oakland, San Diego and Los Angeles. In the most recent shooting, three people were killed inside a car, and four others were wounded in a shooting on Jan. 28 near Beverly Hills.” Sacramento Bee

The Bruen decision 2022

The Supreme Court struck down the “good cause” requirement for concealed carry permit issuance in the Bruen decision. So, what did Newsom do? He and his Democrat cronies in Sacramento doubled down on it and created new and more restrictive requirements for issuing a concealed carry permit. SB 2 contains new age restrictions, imposes strict gun storage, training mandates, and strongly limits where permit holders can carry firearms in public. None of which would have stopped any of the recent mass shootings. Never fear, though. Democrats in California will do anything to push their precious unconstitutional ideas.

Studies have shown that the more concealed carry permits tend to cause a deep dip in crime, not an escalation. (Breitbart)

Heavily gun-controlled California

Why is there so much gun violence in California when they are one of the most heavily gun-controlled states? Some of the incidents are gang-related, which laws will never prevent. That’s a cultural issue that should be addressed within communities that have pervading violence by gang members who see violence as the only way to settle scores. They do not follow any laws. And they don’t care if they create “collateral damage.” For them, it’s often a sort of status symbol to commit a shooting.

The two incidents at Half Moon Bay and Monterey Park were perpetrated by shooters with grudges. Whether a shooter is Asian or any other race is irrelevant: a person with an axe to grind can’t be stopped by restrictions – they will obtain guns or knives or whatever they can to accomplish their evil intent. A law means nothing to them. They are angry, and they don’t care. Laws won’t stop those, either.

If gun control worked, none of the mass shootings mentioned would ever have occurred in the once-golden state. Democrats are on a roll toward total disarmament and don’t care. SB 2 is just another step toward their goal.

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