If there’s one thing consistent about Liberals it’s their hypocrisy. Like when President Obama lied about the difference in salaries for the same work between a man and a woman, (he forgot to account for the difference in hours worked) and then said Republicans hate women because they aren’t passing legislation to fix the gap—then we found out that men who work for the president get paid more than women for the same job (and hours). Or when the unions who fought so hard, helping to shove Obamacare down our throats were the first to get exemptions.

The latest example is Colorado Families for a Fair Wage, a group trying to raise the state’s minimum wage to $12/hr. They hired people to get petition signatures so a $12 minimum wage referendum can get on the ballot. Funny thing though, twenty four of the people working to get the petition signatures are making LESS than $12/hour.

As reported by the Washington Times:

According to a circulator and wage report filed with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office by proponents of increasing the minimum wage, 24 of the workers collecting signatures to get on the ballot were paid less than $12 an hour. The report was obtained by Keep Colorado Working, the opposition campaign, in an open records request.

But who would do something like that?  Union bosses of course:

Colorado Families for a Fair Wage, the group looking to increase the state’s minimum wage, is funded largely with union money. It hired Fieldworks, a Washington D.C.-based firm that collects signatures, to get the 98,492 valid signatures needed to make the Colorado State ballot.

“The irony of paying someone less than $12 an hour to stand on a street corner to mandate a minimum wage increase to that amount is dripping off this story,” said Kelly Maher, executive director of Compass Colorado, a free-market advocacy group in a statement. “Unions are trying to force small businesses already operating on razor thin margins to increase pay just so they can line their pockets, and they aren’t even paying their own workers that. The hypocrisy is palpable.”

The vast number of rank and file union member are good honorable family people.  However, that cannot be said  about many Union bosses who will do anything they can to achieve their goals, namely to enrich themselves.

On top of not paying its own workers minimum wage, Fieldworks was found to have forged some of the signatures. According to a local ABC news station, Denver7, a man who’s signature was included in the petition, told the news station not only had he not signed the petition, he actively turned down the opportunity when approached at the grocery store.

Although some of the signatures were forged, based on a sampling of 5 percent of all that wScreen-Shot-2012-11-20-at-9.40.00-PMere turned in, Colorado’s secretary of state determined that enough were valid to make the state’s ballot.

Once the news got out about what FieldWorks paid the petition carriers got , the union-based organization received a visit from the Union Document Fairy who sprinkled some of his Union Document Fairy Dust around, and a great miracle happened.

After the controversy broke, FieldWorks submitted an amended report to the secretary of state’s office showing all its workers were paid at least $12 an hour. The firm claimed its initial report had “clerical errors” in calculating pay for workers who were working multiple initiatives.

“Upon a re-review of the previous circulator report, we discovered that wages for some circulators were mis-reported on the report that we pulled from our payroll company,” FieldWorks wrote to the secretary of state’s office, the Durango Herald reported. “This is because we had multiple projects in Colorado, and when some staff moved between projects in the middle of a payroll period, their wages were incorrectly applied to one project or another.”

Oh Gee, it wasn’t union hypocrisy, it was all a huge mistake. And if you believe that you may also believe in the Union Document Fairy or the Yeti in your closet is going to bring you a unicorn, or that Hillary Clinton is telling the truth about her emails, or even that under Obamacare your costs will go down and if you like your health plan you will be able to keep it.