A sinister new theme has been developing in Democratic circles over the last several years. The Second Amendment is under increasing scrutiny from the rather vocal radicals on the far left.

With the progressives among us finally beginning to understand that Second Amendment cannot be absolved or abolished without putting the nation at risk of collapse, they’ve begun to employ a new method of limiting our right to bear arms by consistently and infinitesimally encroaching on the Constitution’s inalienable protections.

The latest move in the direction of disarmament comes to us from Colorado.

Colorado Democrats announced a new bill Tuesday that will block anyone under the age of 21 from purchasing any form of firearm, according to The Denver Post.

The proposed legislation would ban the purchase and possession of any firearm, including long guns and handguns, for adults who are younger than 21, saying they hope the legislation will help stop gun violence in the state, according to the Denver Post. The proposed legislation, announced by the bill’s sponsors Tuesday during an interview with the Denver Post, will likely be submitted as a Senate bill this week.

Some Democrats seemed to think this wasn’t nearly enough of an infringement on the Constitution.

“I’m not saying that [the bill] is going to fix everything, but it sure as hell is an important, huge step in recognizing and acknowledging that we need to do something here in Colorado,” Democratic Rep. Monica Duran, a con-sponsor of the bill, told the Denver Post.

This death-of-a-thousand-cuts approach is effective, and it reminds us that we must remain vigilant in matters pertaining to our Constitutional rights.

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