Colorado is one of the worst states for human trafficking, according to federal data. Yet state Democrats recently killed a bill that would have stiffened penalties for raping children and selling their flesh for sex.

Last week, the Colorado Springs Gazette noted in horror that the Democrats fell all over themselves to make it easier for child traffickers.

“It seems inconceivable that elected officials would signal Colorado as a friendly state for adults to have sex with children — which is always rape — who are sold by foreign cartels and domestic sociopathic profiteers. Yet, that’s what Democrats on the House State, Civic, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee — the ‘kill committee’ — did last week,” the paper wrote.

Geoff Rogers, co-founder of the United States Institute Against Human Trafficking, blasted the Democrats.

“The United States is the No. 1 consumer of sex worldwide. So, we are driving the demand as a society,” Rogers told Fox News.

The U.S. State Dept. often ranks the Colorado as one of the top states in the nation for sex trafficking, and was even no. 1 in 2018. It was this fact House Bill 1092 was intended to address.

Unfortunately, House Speaker Julie McCluskie and Majority Leader Monica Duran, both of whom are Colorado Democrats, pushed the bill into the “kill committee” to make sure it dies.

These two child rape-excusers are not alone. Committee members Steven Woodrow, Andrew Boesenecker, Elisabeth Epps, Jenny Willford, Kyle Brown, and Naquetta Ricks, Jennifer Lea Parenti and Manny Rutinel dismissed the bill. The Democrats are not alone. Republicans Ken DeGraff, Scott Bottoms and Brandi Bradley also voted against punishing child rapists.

However, despite the state Democrats turning against the bill, even Dem. Gov. Jared Polis didn’t say he opposed the bill.

“The governor’s office did not express any concerns with this legislation before it died and is supportive of holding offenders accountable for their crimes, including increasing criminal sentence in the most severe cases,” Polis’s office said.

“The bill would have required that adults convicted of sex with child prostitutes serve full sentences of four years for class 3 felony acts and eight years for class four felonies involving sex with child prostitutes,” the Gazette added.

Currently, people convicted of raping kids rarely get any more than eight years — and usually far less. Others convicted of child sex crimes get even less.

The Democrats even ignored all the witnesses, some 50 in total, who spoke out in favor of the bill at the state hearings.

The Gazette excoriated the liberal Democrats for scotching the bill.

Adults who rape children create demand for traffickers. They ruin lives. Penalties should be so severe the risk far outweighs any thrill a pervert seeks at the expense of children.

Incredibly, child prostitution is of little concern to Colorado’s power-obsessed Democratic majority that has made Colorado a bastion of crime. If they cared, they would have fine-tuned the bill and sent it to the full House for further perfection.

Instead, they made clear they don’t care. They care more about state-funded lawyers who defend rapists. Each time a child gets raped, know that Colorado’s controlling party seems fine with it.

This isn’t just Colorado Democrats, though.

This is every Democrat, everywhere in the country. Democrats support debauchery. They want to force children into sexual contact with adults. The reason for that is because they want to destroy the family. They want children taken from parents and given autonomy. And they are using child traffickers to achieve that.

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