It’s one thing to be biased, it’s another to spew tin-foil hat type theories. It’s hard to believe that a supposedly professional news organization like CNN, which counts among their anchors respected reporters such as Jake Tapper, pays commentator Sally Kohn to promote her unsubstantiated conspiracy nonsense.

In the most recent case she attacks Donald Trump but it doesn’t matter who generates lies about Republicans all the time, and CNN allows it.  Read the post below written by my colleague Joe Newby to understand what crazy Sally does on a daily basis.

Guest post by Joe Newby

There’s stupid, and then there’s CNN’s Sally Kohn, who actually gets paid real money to make statements like this.

On Sunday, Newsbusters reported that Kohn predicted a President Trump would ditch habeas corpus and open internment camps a la Adolf Hitler.

She started by complaining about the media attention Trump is getting, and went from there.

“So a fine line between covering a candidate and amplifying a candidate, and, I’m sorry, but, yes, Donald Trump may be the Republican frontrunner. I still think we’re giving him way too much attention in proportion to the other candidates who also had victories to celebrate tonight,” she said.


“And I’m worried. When he institutes internment camps and suspends habeas, we’ll all look back and feel pretty bad,” she added.

Brad Wilmouth added:

Host Chris Cuomo turned to conservative CNN political commentator and NewsBusters contributor Jeffrey Lord for reaction. Taken aback by her over the top analysis, Lord declared that he was “speechless.”


In an appearance on CNN on Wednesday, Kohn had previously delved into hyperbole as she predicted that Democrats would vote against Trump in November for the purpose of “stopping us from being Nazi Germany.”

It just amazes me that people actually get paid to say stuff like this…

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