It seems as if the geniuses over at cable network Country Music Television (CMT) don’t know their audience very well after millions erupt in anger at the network’s new anti-gun “wear orange” campaign. But the division of MTV Networks may not have had a choice. CMT anti-gun effort

Country music is usually thought of as the all-American music genera, apple pie, the Red, White, and Blue, truck, beer, and a love for the Constitution and the Second Amendment. (actually, that’s the country music attitude. For the best description of what’s included in the perfect country music song, watch the video of David Allen Coe’s song at the bottom of this post). The execs at CMT in Nashville, Tenn., may have missed the memo about their audience.  But that is unlikely.  Perhaps they got a memo from senior management. Having worked for a sister network to CMT (Nickelodeon), the campaign may have come from the liberal MTV Networks’ executives in NYC.

Last week, the wayward country music cable network urged its viewers to “wear orange” to protest the Second Amendment and show support for wide-ranging gun bans.

Per Fox News:

“We’re (virtually) wearing orange today in support National Gun Violence Awareness Day and to call attention to the more than 100 lives that are lost every day to gun violence,” the ViacomCBS-owned entity tweeted Friday ahead of the CMT Music Awards on Wednesday.

The campaign, citing fatal injury reports data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for the years 2015 through 2019, claimed that “Every day more than 100 Americans are killed with guns.” “Wear Orange” is part of Everytown for Gun Safety’s gun control campaign, which is backed by Michael Bloomberg.

Fox drily added: “The effort was met with intense criticism from many on social media.”

That is putting it mildly.

Many social media users thought that CMT was making an imbecilic move:

It’s time for the NY MTV networks executives and marketing teams to go down to Nashville and learn a bit more about country music fans.

But first, they should learn what’s in the perfect country music song:


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CMT anti-gun effort