Bristol, Bucks County, Pennsylvania — In 2016, we were called “deplorables,” It became a rallying cry that still lingers today. Now we have a new one, thanks to a coughing-incorrectly Joe Biden: now we’re “chumps.”  Did you know that the word chumps was often used by the Mafia? Just sayin’. That’s ok; we’ll co-opt it now. chump for Trump


Screenshot Of Biden Rally Where Mostly Trump Supporters Crashed The Party


Biden was in Bristol, Pennsylvania, for a rally on Saturday, when more Trump supporters showed up than Biden supporters. Some called it a Biden event “lite.” But he complained twice during his speech that he could hear the Trump supporters, who were driving by and honking, using a megaphone, and chanting “4 more years.” So he lost it and called them “chumps.” Very quickly,  the #ChumpsForTrump hashtag appeared on Twitter.

And please note in the video of his remarks that he coughed into his hand…a big no-no during the COVID pandemic. We thought he was “following the science.” Maybe not. And where was his mask? We heard him say he’d make masks a mandate. “All for thee and not for me,” apparently.

Wait, Joe, Don’t Cough Into Your Hand! COVID Violation?




So much for trying to insult Trump supporters. It never worked for Hillary with her “basket of deplorables,” and it won’t work now. Biden has already been the cause of the hashtag #YouAintBlack. But at least we know why they kept him in his basement for so long. When he opens his mouth, stupid comes out. He claimed to be uniter and to work for all Americans. Except in the past, he’s said the opposite.

Mischievous Memes by Greg Brantley via Twitter


Pennsylvania is filled with Blue Collar workers….whom he has been insulting now for months.  Biden has stated he will ban fracking and transition away from fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. Blue Collar workers from oil to steel in many midwestern states are not happy about Biden’s plans. Joe smacked them hard with an insult just to seal the deal.

@DWBerkeley tweeted (emphasis mine), 

“I’m one of those PA chumps, Joe. A #natgas employee to boot. My wife & daughter are also chumps. We’re voting for @realDonaldTrump and locally in #PA17 for @SeanParnellUSAWe know where the candidates truly stand on energy jobs and issues.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do not stand for hardworking Americans, no matter how many media outlets tell you differently.

“In addition to Biden’s now irrefutable corruption, President Trump was able to remind voters that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are running on the most extreme agenda in American history; an agenda that would implement the largest tax increase ever, end U.S. energy independence and pave the way for socialized medicine.” RNC statement

Remember, America. If you vote Trump out of office, every tax cut, every regulation change, every peace deal in the Middle East, every single thing he’s accomplished for YOU will be lost. Keep that in mind and #VoteRed.

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