Never trust anyone who says “Trust me” (Trust me on this).

The FBI is reportedly tracking over 100 attempts by Chinese nationals to spy on Military facilities. Everything from asking for directions to a Burger King on a military base to scuba diving near Cape Canaveral. China demands we trust them even as their actions reveal their malicious intent.

“The relevant claims are purely ill-intentioned fabrications. We urge the relevant U.S. officials to abandon the Cold War mentality, stop groundless accusations, and do more things that are conducive to enhancing mutual trust between the two countries and friendship between the two peoples.” Chinese spokesperson Liu Pengyu

“Gate crashers”

Those responsible, dubbed “gate crashers,” range from Chinese nationals detected crossing into a U.S. missile range in New Mexico, to scuba divers caught swimming in murky waters near a U.S. government rocket launch site in Florida, several U.S. officials recently told The Wall Street Journal. The growing trend represents a potential espionage threat, as authorities believe the Chinese government in some cases is compelling nationals into service in order to test out and report back about security practices at the installations. 

The FBI, Department of Defense and other agencies held a review late last year centered around deterring these incidents. It is not known how many incidents were benign in nature. For example, some Chinese nationals claim to have been following Google Maps to the nearest McDonald’s or Burger King, which happens to be located on a nearby military base. Fox

Sure. There are Burger Kings and McDonald’s restaurants all over hell, but they just ‘happened’ to want the ones on military bases.

Then, there were the Chinese nationals caught scuba diving near Cape Canaveral. Or deploying drones that can take detailed footage of military bases. And those who speed through military checkpoints and then claim to be lost.

These kinds of spy tactics are not new, of course. China intends to replace the US as the premier world power and will throw people at the spy game even if some ideas are lame. It is part of the entire picture of how China works to find as much information about the US, from the Space industry to military bases and business. It’s the spy game on a massive level.

“Picture this: You’re deep in the wilderness, engaged in an intense hide-and-seek game. Your opponent is as cunning and crafty as they come. 

But what if you had a secret map or a bird’s eye view of the terrain, giving you insight into their hiding spots? Better yet, what if you could subtly guide their decisions to favor your win? This, in essence, is the role of espionage in warfare.” SOFREP

The infamous Chinese surveillance balloon, the infiltration of Chinese spies into American universities and Congress, Tech companies stealing technology, the more civilian efforts to find information…these are the spy games China is currently playing. With the Biden administration in charge, it’s anyone’s guess how this will end up.


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