As recriminations between local black and Hispanic residents and Chicago’s city hall grow over the exploding migrant crisis, self-professed “progressive” Mayor Brandon Johnson blamed “right-wing extremists” for the crisis that is tearing his young administration apart.

As Johnson devotes another $150 million to feeding, clothing, housing, educating, as well as giving health care and job and legal advice to illegal border crossers, Windy City citizens are pushing back against the policies. But in a press conference on Tuesday, Johnson sought to push the blame for the city’s problems onto “right-wing extremists” and racist “Republicans.”

Johnson railed at Republicans — who have had no power in Chicago for close to 100 years — and claimed he “inherited” an “international crisis” six months ago when he came to office. He also blamed the previous Lori Lightfoot administration for not dedicating budget dollars for the migrant crisis, according to the Daily Mail.

He then reiterated his pledge to get migrants out of the Chicago police stations where they have been housed.

“I’ve made it very clear we are going to move people out of police districts, women and children who are living on floors and sleeping outside, that we’re going to create spaces that provide more dignity,” he claimed.

City officials have been housing migrants on the floors of police districts since Johnson came to office and began searching for places to stash border crossers. But months ago, Johnson insisted that he would remove the migrants from police stations in July after several officers were accused of sexually assaulting and impregnating a teen migrant.

Despite his claims, by August, there were still migrants in some Chicago district buildings.

However, Johnson had far more to say on Tuesday by incongruously blaming Republicans for Chicago’s mounting crisis.

“What we’ve seen is a very raggedy form of right-wing extremism,” Johnson exclaimed. “Everyone knows that the right-wing extremism in this country has targeted democratically run cities, and quite frankly, they have been quite intentional about going after democratically run cities that are led by people of color.”

“Their intention is to create division and chaos because that is what that particular political party has been about,” he continued, wholly ignoring the fact that it is a Democrat president under whose rule the illegal immigrant crisis has exploded.

“It is the same party that wouldn’t accept that President Obama was actually an American. It’s the same Republican right-wing extremism that stormed the capital; it’s the same right-wing extremism that refuses to accept the results of the civil war. It’s raggedy, disrespectful, and mean-spirited,” Johnson railed.

“It is abysmal, and it is an affront to everything good about this country for the extremism in this country to use people as political tools to settle political scores for something that happened over 400 years ago. They’re still mad that a black man is free in this country,” he exclaimed.

“Aren’t you glad the soul of Chicago isn’t broken? Those are the words of Beyoncé, you won’t break our soul,” he said.

There are very few Republicans in the city of Chicago. The last time a Republican was in city hall was when William H. Thompson left the mayor’s office in 1931. Today, there are no espoused Republican Aldermen, but three claim to be “independents.” One, 33rd Ward Alderwoman Rossana Rodríguez, is an “independent” because she does not want to be formally known as a Democratic Socialist, an affiliation she touted when she ran for the seat.

Meanwhile, as Johnson attempts to misdirect the city’s attention to “racist Republicans,” video shows some of the city’s black homeless population forced to find shelter inside the cars of mass transit trains.

The city’s crime rate also continues to spiral, and according to Numbers USA, the number of Venezuelan-born people arrested by the Chicago Police Department has soared along with the rising number of migrants from that country.

“The number of Venezuelan-born people arrested by Chicago police this year is up 2,538% compared to 2022, according to data provided by the police department. It’s up 11,333% compared to 2021,” the group posted on X.

Citizens are rapidly turning against the Johnson administration despite voting him into office less than a year ago. Many have protested his autocratic decision to build a massive tent city for migrants on the city’s Southwest Side. And one group of black residents has even formed a group to convince their fellows to stop voting for Democrats.

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