Perhaps she does it just to get attention and in a way, I feel bad for her, after all her mother cares about little more than becoming president, and her father wants to sleep with almost every pretty woman within arm’s reach. But on the other hand, one would think by now, a supposedly bright woman like Chelsea Clinton would realize that every time she tweets out something stupid, she is going to be attacked by much of the twitter world. Perhaps she isn’t bright, maybe her intellegence is just another fake story by the mainstream media.

Her latest dumb tweet criticized President Trump’s Saturday trip to Texas:

It started with an ABC News Tweet about the President’s Trip

The President was talking about the relief efforts, which saw people from all over Texas,  indeed the entire country from all colors and backgrounds come together and help out the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Chelsea Clinton either didn’t know, didn’t care, or wanted the attention because she sent out the ABC tweet along with this message indicating she thought the POTUS was saying the hurricane itself was a wonderful thing.

Twitter went wild:


So what do you think is Chelsea Clinton starved for attention, or just plain stupid?