The Wall Street Journal reported that the Chinese government reached a deal with Cuba to build a spy base less than 100 miles off the coast of the U.S. (According to the W.H., they have been operating there for a long time.)

Cuban base to collect communications across the southeastern U.S. would mark a major advance in China’s intelligence capabilities, giving Beijing’s military a clearer picture of sites to strike in a conflict, former intelligence officials say.

The DOD has claimed the story is “inaccurate,” although Biden administration officials confirmed they’ve had a spy base in Cuba since 2019. But the Chinese spy plans don’t just stop at “spy balloons” or engaging with American ships in the South China Sea; they now include infiltrating Guam military facilities with malware cyber threats.

2019 really? That sounds like the Biden administration’s directive to blame Trump for everything.

Chinese spy plans: eavesdropping on the United States from Cuba

In an action reminiscent of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Beijing reportedly gave Havana billions of dollars to build a spy base on the island.

China has agreed to pay cash-strapped Cuba several billion dollars to allow it to build the eavesdropping station, and that the two countries had reached an agreement in principle. The report says U.S. officials described the intelligence on the plans as “convincing.”

Later, Politico also reported the situation.
“The officials, granted anonymity to discuss an extremely sensitive intelligence matter, said China was in direct conversations with Cuba to set up a base on the island nation just 100 miles from the United States. It would allow Beijing to collect signals intelligence on southeastern portions of America, home to many military facilities and major industries. Evidence of the negotiations came to light in recent weeks, the officials said.”  Politico
As if the U.S. reaction to the spy balloon wasn’t enough to open the door for the CCP, Chinese spy plans include a bold plan to obtain “sigint” or signals intelligence. From Cuba, being able to intercept signals from several military bases would be a boon to Communist China. The Biden administration has sent mixed signals as they have alternately said the report was “inaccurate” and acknowledged it.
Cyber Threats
On top of that, information was revealed that Chinese spy plans included the development of a malicious script that targeted communications in Guam. Microsoft found the cyber threat.

“As mentioned, cybersecurity experts have detected the malicious script weaving through critical telecommunication systems in Guam, a strategically important location where most significant US harbors and air bases, including the largest Pacific ports. These installations would play a substantial role in any potential American military response to China’s invasion or blockade of Taiwan, thus making it an ideal target.

Although the recent intrusion primarily focuses on espionage, investigators have identified the code’s potential to bypass firewalls, raising the probability of destructive cyberattacks…

Aside from cyber espionage, China has also used conventional and nonconventional methods to execute its spy agenda in the US, which usually does not escalate to offensive cyberattacks. But with the tension stirring related to Taiwan, the threat is becoming more plausible.”  SOFREP

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