Are you a Canadian who celebrates Christmas and/or Easter? Then, your government wants you to know you are “systemically oppressing” minorities.

This obscene ruling comes from the Canadian Human Rights Commission, which recently determined that celebrating the two Christian-based holidays is “religious intolerance.”

Indeed, the ultra-woke commission added that Canada needs to work to “eradicate” these oppressive Christian holidays!

This hateful organization, founded in 1977 and paid for by $32 million a year in Canadian tax dollars, claims its goal is “to help ensure that everyone in Canada is treated fairly.”

Unless you’re a Christian, it appears.

Per The Blaze:

In an Oct. 23 publication entitled “Discussion Paper on Religion Intolerance,” the CHRC stated, “Religious intolerance impedes the ability of Canadian society to be democratic, welcoming, open-minded, and accepting. Only through understanding and acknowledging the existence of religious intolerance in Canada can we begin to address it and work towards its eradication.”

“Religious intolerance can materialize in many ways, from microaggressions, to lack of accommodation and acceptance of religious practices,” continued the paper.

This intolerance is allegedly “deeply rooted in [Canada’s] identity as a settler colonial state” and “manifests itself in present-day systemic religious discrimination.”

Despite the lies pushed by the CHRC, Canadian law already mandates that employers must accommodate the religious requirements of employees. Further, the country has religious freedom laws that date back to 1851.

Canada, which is 63.2 percent Christian, enacted its Freedom of Worship Act in 1851, which protects “free exercise and enjoyment of religious profession and worship, without discrimination or preference.”

Conservative lawmaker Jeremy Patzer blasted the CHRC, saying, “This is ridiculous. Christmas is celebrated all around the world by people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds. This is another example of woke ideology fomenting within the federal government. I, for one, will be celebrating Christmas wholeheartedly. Merry Christmas!”

Christmas has been celebrated in Canada for more than 300 years.

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