This is the real root of all of this upheaval. These cretinous rich kids in the Ivy League schools don’t really care even a tiny bit about “kids being killed in Gaza.” What they are really marching for is the destruction of the United States so it can be remade into a communist or socialist nation.

You don’t have to believe me.

Take it from their own, putrid mouths:

This particular protest was being held in front of George Washington University’s University Yard last week, according to WTOP-TV.

If you support Gaza you are a terrorist.

Really, it’s just that simple.

And you can’t say, “Oh, I don’t support Hamas and its terrorism, I support the regular people of Gaza who just want to live.”

That almost sounds like a logical statement.

Only, the problem is, there are no distinguishible differences between a Hamas fighter who has killed Jews and the “regular” citizens of Palestine. Why? Because poll after poll of the so-called “Palestinian” people shows that up past the 80th percentile they 100 percent support Hamas and its actions and goals.

For the most part, the average “Palestinian” woman, man and child ARE Hamas.

And remember, Hamas was voted into office BY those very “regular Palestinians” that these creeps in our American universities are braying in support of. They fully support Hamas and nearly every single “Palestinian” is a full-throated supporter of “From the river to the sea” (which is code for the 100 percent annihilation of all Jews).

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