The dangerous, leftist loons in California are at it again, pandering for votes, this time by putting medical patients who don’t speak Spanish in danger by offering a “Spanish-only” nursing certificate.

You read that right. California Democrats want to allow people who speak only Spanish to gain legal certification to become a healthcare worker.

So, what happens when these people (who are probably illegals) don’t speak any other language — especially English — and encounter a patient who doesn’t speak Spanish?

I guess that patient has to die… or at least suffer suboptimal care.

Per Just The News:

The California Assembly unanimously passed a bill that would allow nursing assistants to be certified in Spanish-only exams, leading to concerns that English, or other non-Spanish language-speaking doctors, nurses, and patients being unable to communicate with nursing assistants may lead to injuries or even death.

AB 2131 would “make available the option to take the written and oral competency examination of a nurse assistant certification examination in Spanish.” According to bill author Assemblymember Avelino Valencia, D-Anaheim, “AB 2131 ensures our caregivers reflect the communities they serve and allow for a diverse nursing workforce ready to meet the needs of all patients” and will “help build the workforce pipeline to one that is more reflective of our population.

An Assembly analysis of the bill cited the fact that “individuals who are limited English proficient make up 28.1% (4,055,000) of the Latino population in California” as evidence that the bill can address a “need for cultural competency in the workforce.” The analysis also found “CNAs provide most of the hands-on care to patients in hospitals, continuing care retirement communities, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities,” which suggests CNAs play a critical role in patient outcomes.

This is extremely dangerous.

But Democrats prove on a near daily basis that Americans are not their priority — especially white Americans.

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