As always, if the Democrats in California are pushing it, it is for sure a bad idea, and the left-wing state’s plans to go to an all-electric semi-truck scheme will utterly destroy the state, burying consumers in confiscatory costs and undermining the electric grid.

The far, left-wing state has been pushing the idea that Calif. will go all electric by 2035 or so, but its plan is 100% unfeasible. It can’t be done. The truth is, there aren’t enough electric cars to go around for all Californians, there aren’t enough batteries to continue servicing this many cars, and there aren’t enough charging stations to keep that many cars on the road.

But, worst of all, if California really was an all-electric state, the powergrid would not be robust enough to charge all those vehicles.

The foolish state legislature, though, has passed its silly laws anyway. And one of its first targets is to force the replacement of all semi-trucks at its seaports that transport goods across the state from the ports to railroad heads with electric versions instead of diesel. That would mean the replacement of about 33,500 drayage trucks operating in California by 2035.

While it is easy for the ill-informed Democrats in the state legislature to pass all their crazy, left-wing rules, it is quite another for their desired outcome to be at all physically possible. And fully electrifying California’s drayage trucks isn’t.

Just take the power requirements, for instance. A recent study found that to have a 100 percent electric semi fleet on its roads, California would have to dedicate 57.2 percent of its electrical grid output to power those trucks, Just the News reported.

That is impossible. It just can’t work.

The trucks themselves would also need a tremendous amount of the world’s raw materials for the plan to be implemented.

“Tens of millions of tons of cobalt, graphite, lithium and nickel would also be needed, and that would take as much as 35 years at current global production rates and nearly 65% of global reserves of these mineral,” Just the News reported.

The need for batteries big enough to power over-the-road trucks would also necessitate MORE miles and more trips because cargo space would have to be sacrificed for the bigger batteries.The fact that many more trips would be needed also tends to put a dent in the left’s claims of the savings.

All these costs would be slammed on top of the heads of consumers, making their food cost many times more, and causing the costs of everything they buy to soar.

EVs are great for the occasional rich dude who wants to own another kitschy toy. But they are utterly useless for a society of 330 million people over our country which is more than double the size of all of Europe combined.

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