Once upon a time, schools taught academics — even schools in the far-left Marxist People’s Banana Republic of California. Major decisions about children were the responsibility of parents–no longer. The schools have usurped the parents’ authority. They seem more interested in destroying and indoctrinating children while keeping parents in the dark. It’s as if the all-powerful State has decided it owns our children and can do whatever the hell it wants. Consequences be damned.

On Friday, Newsbusters reported that California mother Aurora Regino blasted the Chico School District when she learned her 11-year-old daughter was being secretly transitioned in her elementary school. Worse yet, even after she called the board out for their actions, they voted to continue their “parental secret policy” to secretly transition children.

Here she is addressing the school board:

According to Tierin-Rose Mandelburg:

At the meeting, Regino explained that her daughter wanted the school to be transparent about her identity but they refused. “​​During one of the meetings, my daughter told the counselor she wanted to tell me about her new identity. They ignored her request and did nothing to support her in letting me know what was going on at school,” she told the board.

“Treating every parent as a potential threat is wrong,” she said and added, “It’s a slippery slope to allow any adult in our schools to keep secrets from parents for any reason,” and talked about how evil it was what the school did.

Her daughter now re-identifies as the girl that she is, but the school voted to maintain keeping things like this secretive from parents.

Fox News noted:

The policy that board members voted to uphold, according to Regino, extends to children as young as pre-kindergarten who are approximately five years old and reaches through the 12th grade.

“It’s incredibly damaging that they’re upholding such a crazy policy for such young children,” she continued after a moment, arguing that such a tumultuous time in children and adolescents’ lives is when they need parental guidance the most.

One cannot help but wonder: Just who the hell do these people think they are? And what gives them the right to keep something like this from their parents?

Regino discussed the controversy on Fox and Friends

This policy that they have in place, to keep these situations a secret from the family, is incredibly damaging. It was extremely damaging in my case with my daughter. She was bullied and she didn’t have the support that she needed from her family and, also, she was outed within the school with other people within the office knowing her new gender and pronouns that she didn’t even tell them, and she had to go through those feelings of wondering how they even knew all on her own.

According to the Center for American Liberty:

Aurora Regino’s daughter, A.S., was in the 5th grade when an elementary school guidance counselor decided to socially transition her from female to male without Aurora’s consent. In fact, the school never even notified Aurora that this transition was happening.

It took the school guidance counselor just minutes to determine (1) that A.S. was really a boy, and (2) that at school A.S. would have a male identity: new name, new pronouns, etc.—after A.S. confidentially expressed gender confusion to her. But it took no time at all for the Chico Unified School District to decide to socially transition A.S. without so much as a phone call to her mother, Aurora.

That is because the Chico Unified School District, like school districts across California, have adopted official California Department of Education guidance to Cal. Ed. Code 221.5 (AB 1266). Here, the California DOE’s guidance prohibits teachers and school administrators from notifying parents of their student’s gender transition until directed to do so by the student.

This flips the Constitution on its head! Parents have a fundamental right under the Fourteenth Amendment to direct the upbringing of their kids—at a minimum this includes being made aware of life-changing decisions being made at school. And it would certainly prohibit a school guidance counselor from actively excluding a parent from such a decision, as was the situation here. A.S. wanted to talk to her mom about her “transition,” but her guidance counselor manipulated her into keeping her mom in the dark.

The lawsuit, they added, “seeks injunctive relief to put a stop to the California DOE and Chico Unified School District’s ‘Parental Secrecy Policy.'”

The lawsuit, filed in January of this year by Harmeet Dhillon, Mark Trammell, and Eric A. Sell, can be seen here.

It’s gotten to the point that the most dangerous place for a child is in a public school run by woke leftists.

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