California electric vehicle owners have to pay twice to charge their EVs after power company PG&E announced a plan to drain EV batteries remotely to help stabilize the power grid during peak usage.

Let that sink in.

EV users have to pay for the electric to charge their electric vehicles. That makes sense, granted. It’s only right, after all.

But PG&E wants to be able to tap into EV batteries in people’s homes and to take back that power when the grid is taxed during peak usage.

Then, EV owners will have to pay again to recharge the battery pack they already paid to charge before the power company took back the power.

It’s all just one more reason not to ever buy an electric vehicle of any kind.

Per Terence West of EnergyPortal:

The concept, known as “vehicle-to-grid” charging, involves sending power from an EV’s battery back to the grid while the car is parked and plugged in. This technology is still in its early stages and faces significant costs, hindering widespread adoption. However, EVs could play a crucial role in ensuring grid stability during periods of high energy demand and solar power shortages.

California is a prime market for this technology, with over a third of all registered EVs in the US located in the state. As part of its commitment to combat climate change, California mandates that all new vehicles sold must be electric or plug-in hybrids by 2035. According to Poppe, there are already enough EVs on the road in PG&E’s service area to return approximately 9,000 megawatts of power to the grid.

And guess what? The power company is teaming with General Motors and getting the idiot car makers to include the capability in their EV models.

Yes, your car maker is colluding with this idiocy!

You must be a few volts short of a full charge to own an EV.


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