A group of parents in California are furious after children come home to tell them that a math teacher forced them to watch videos about gay sex in class. The incident reportedly occurred in a regular math class, not any special event at Edison High School in Huntington Beach, California.


The teacher showed an episode of Bolt TV that featured a same-sex, lesbian couple, according to Facebook user R-let Vaz, whose daughter, Ivory, recorded the video on her phone.

Bolt TV is an education network approved and aired in schools by the district.

According to the parent, students became uncomfortable with the gay sex scene in the Bolt TV broadcast.

Indeed, in the video, one student can be heard saying, “Why are you showing this to kids?” Note it would be wrong if it was a heterosexual relationship

As some of the kids protested, the teacher threatened them.

“I’ll warn you guys now. If you’re going to be inappropriate, I will have supervision down and give all of you a Saturday school for next year. So knock it off,” the teacher is heard saying.

The parent added, “Ivory came to me last night and said she was scared she did the wrong thing by taking the video. That right there is the innocence of youth and how easily they can be made to feel bad.”

One parent commenting on the Facebook thread added, “Teachers should let parents deal with cultural issues and stick to teaching curriculum.”

Why, exactly, is a math teacher showing gay videos?

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