Democrats are now so backwards in their thinking that Democrat officials in cities all across California have started to threaten businesses for daring to report retail theft to the police.

You heard that correctly.

In California, it is now basically illegal to even report massive retail theft.

Why would Democrats do this?

Well, first of all, they keep passing more and more laws and rules making it practically impossible to charge anyone with theft. And even the ones that do get arrested are let go Scot free by left-wing “prosecutors.”

The reason behind this is because Democrats think it is “racist” to arrest people for theft.

Secondly, Democrats want to prevent crime stats from making their cities look bad. But instead of working to stamp out crime and keep their communities safe, they are working to put an end to the reporting. Want crime stats to look better? Just don’t report any crime to record.

Per the Sacramento Bee:

The Sacramento City Attorney’s Office warned a chain retail store that it could face a public nuisance charge due to a large number of phone calls placed to police when thieves repeatedly stole from its Land Park location.

A person with knowledge of the warning, but not authorized to speak publicly due to the fear of retaliation, told The Sacramento Bee that city officials threatened the Target at 2505 Riverside Blvd. in the past year with an administrative fine. A Sacramento police spokesman confirmed the location — a site that prompted heavy ire from Land Park residents due to repeated crimes — when asked about the apparent warning.

The paper added that these threats are not just emanating from Sacrament city officials, but is happening all across the state.

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