In November 2008 the word GUILTY was read a total of 108 times in a Dallas courtroom as a jury convicted the Holy Land Foundation and each of the defendants of raising money to fund Hamas terrorism. Implicated along with those guilty verdicts was supposed civil rights organization CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which lobbies the government from its headquarters in Washington DC, and promotes its anti-American agenda throughout the country via local affiliates.

In 2009 the FBI cut off all relations with CAIR because of its terrorist affiliations and recommended to Congress that they do the same (the Democrats in Congress ignored that recommendation). CAIR contended that the FBI changed their minds in 2010, but the law enforcement agency publicly reaffirmed that disassociation in 2013.

Seven years later CAIR continues its hatred and anti-American propaganda.

A local affiliate in Florida displayed it true colors over the weekend as Florida CAIR leader Rash Mubarak took to the streets to declare her disgust with President Donald Trump and the Dirty Jews, Bastard Jews, & Damn Jews.

Mubarak, who claims a plethora of “titles” said, “One man from all across the world saying that he is declaring the capital of a country that he has nothing to do.”

She is referencing President Trump’s decision to simply move the US embassy to Jerusalem, not declaring a capital. However, notice her immediate hypocrisy demonstrated in her whining. “This is about being an American,” she opined.

Sure if being an American is about hating Jews and the President of the U.S.

Well, if it’s about being an American, what’s wrong with simply placing an American embassy in the actual capital of a country that she has nothing to do with?  Nothing.

Then she launches into the hyphenated language that keeps her from declaring true loyalty to America.

“I am a Palestinian-Muslim-American,” she said, apparently listing her loyalties in that order.

Ms. Mubarak should probably just live among the Palestinians if that is truly who she identifies with because her ideology is not American and no founding father would have sided with her.  In fact, they probably would have taken issue with her for citing insurrection.

Of course, she preached to the small choir that listened to her as she declared, “I am offended as a Palestinian.  I am offended as a Muslim.  I am offended as an American, and as I am as offended as a human!”

Offended as a human?  OK, she just got caught up in the moment inciting the crowd.

Offended as an American?  OK, look I have stated before that I really don’t want us to get caught up in a lot of foreign policy and money giving to foreign countries, even our allies, but this is simply establishing our embassy in the country’s capital. And most Americans would have a problem joining a group that has been named a partner of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 2008, the FBI cut off official contact with CAIR, citing evidence from the Holy Land Foundation terror funding trial which documented the connections between CAIR and its founders to Hamas.

In a letter to U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl, the FBI explained, “until we [the FBI] can resolve whether there continues to be a connection between CAIR or its executives and HAMAS, the FBI does not view CAIR as an appropriate liaison partner.”

During a 2003 Senate hearing, U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-NY, said that CAIR is known “to have ties to terrorism.” In 2009 correspondence with the FBI, he wrote that cutting off contact with the Islamist group “should be government-wide policy.”

Mubarak seems to be on the edge of homicidal tendencies, from what she displayed there.  Perhaps the Orlando police should be on watch for her or maybe the FBI, though I’m not sure how good of a job they will do here.

But wait, she’s got a bullhorn, so she won’t be committing jihad and blowing herself up.  After all, when was the last time you actually saw the leaders of the promoters of the religion of pieces engage in actual, literal jihad other than with words?  No, they only do it for political and monetary gain.  They incite those who don’t think for themselves and allow themselves to be brainwashed into doing the dirty deeds they are too cowardly to perform

They’re hypocrites to Islam which demands they engage in jihad.  They promote it but don’t have the stomach to do it themselves.

Finally, she tries to deflect from what she actually is attacking.

“This is not about what religiosity you practice,” she said.

Oh yes, it is!  Mubarak is attempting to practice Islam with her words.  Her deeds are lacking.  However, who cares if she is offended?  I don’t.  There is no right to not be offended in this country and frankly, if you are offended at the placement of an embassy, grow a thicker skin!  Stop your whining and complaining like a little girl!

The video above concludes with another man attacking a Jewish man verbally.  This might be of interest to many of you.

Hateful phrases are used.  I’ll agree that there are many Jews in public office today and in places of power who are as crooked as a dog’s hind leg and they should be dealt with. However, a more accurate description would be that there are crooked people of each and every faith in places of power who should be dealt with.

As for President Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, I say, great.  What’s taken so long?

And as for CAIR, isn’t past time for them to be designated as what they are a terrorist-supporting, America-hating group within our midst.

Much of this post was originally seen at Freedom Outpost