Illinois has a tradition of corrupt governors. The three most recent were Dan Walker (D), George Ryan (R), and his successor, the Famous Blago-Rod Blagojevich (D), and now they might have someone joining their club. buy stock from state contractor

It has been reported that Illinois’ billionaire Democrat Governor, JB Pritzker, has invested in the stock of a company that contracts with the state. If not illegal, it most certainly violates ethics.

According to the Illinois-based Better Government Association, Pritzker’s blind trust invested in Centene Corp. in 2020, the same year that his administration gave the company fat contracts and favorable deals.

“Centene has made millions on serving our most vulnerable population under Medicaid, and it is not appropriate or ethical for the governor to be a known investor,” said State Rep. Tony McCombie, R-Savanna.

Pritzker ran for office, claiming to clean up state government and break the old boys’ network.

Republican State Rep. Deanne Mazzochi insisted that Pritzker explain himself.

“The time has come for the governor to come clean with the residents of Illinois and be open, honest, and fully transparent about his financial interests during his tenure,” the Elmhurst rep. said.

Pritzker’s blind trust is supposed to remove him from financial decisions while in office, but it is beyond a doubt that the governor’s administration pushed benefits for Centene Corp.

“Illinois taxpayers are justifiably skeptical about public officials and those who serve under them directly taking advantage of their position of public trust to turn a personal profit,” Republican Deputy House Minority Leader Rep. Tom Demmer said in a statement. “Heads of state departments should be held to the same rigorous standards for filing timely and accurate financial disclosures currently in place for statewide constitutional officers, members of the General Assembly and others as prescribed by state law.”

Per WGN:

Pritzker, worth $3.6 billion, avoided conflicts of interest before he took office by turning over his holdings to Northern Trust to make all decisions about his investments. But a new report highlights possible problems with the blind trust arrangement.

“I am not involved in making any investment decisions,” Pritzker said.

“I am not involved” is usually a statement people make before doing a perp walk, but that’s not proven (yet).

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buy stock from state contractor