Extinction Rebellion likes to do stupid tricks to get attention. They block traffic. They splash soup on artwork. They smash windows. This time, someone ELSE did the smashing.

For a group whose entire MO hinges on acts of civil disobedience and getting arrested, you’d think they would be ready for what happened when the authorities come along to break up their party.

Maybe the freak-out is due to law enforcement treating them like criminals and not Grandma’s Precious Moments figurines.

The Nevada Rangers showed up in the right vehicle for the job. They had a big truck that wasn’t slowing down for anything or anyone. Then, while they’re all still sitting there wondering what just happened, he circles back and finishes the job.

He arrests them. And he isn’t being polite about it (nor should he have been).

Warning video contains “adult” language.


Rangers have smashed through a climate protest blocking the road to Burning Man in Nevada – as footage shows them taking a no-nonsense approach to the activists.

Video shows six demonstrators from Seven Circles and Extinction Rebellion jamming the street with a trailer, causing traffic chaos and miles-long gridlock.

The demonstrators locked themselves on to the trailer and appeared to clash with those trying to attend Burning Man on Sunday.

But rangers from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police Department of Nevada plowed straight through the blockade and quickly began arresting demonstrators.

One tribal officer got out of the vehicle and ordered a woman to the floor at gunpoint before telling her to ‘stop resisting’ arrest.

The eco-zealots shrieked in horror and some sobbed saying ‘we’re non-violent’ as they were hauled away. — DailyMail

As the saying goes, ‘Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.’

We are no special pleaders for Burning Man, its debauchery, or its role in contributing to the yearly spike in STDs. If it disappeared forever, we’d shed no tears.

But these climate zealots need to figure out that when regular people tell them to ‘play in traffic,’ we don’t mean ‘block roads.’ We simply mean ‘go away.’

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