Bud Light has been desperate to repair its reputation, ruined by its fealty to the radical and gay agenda. Still, it is beginning to look like it may become an extinct brand, especially if the two maps of America’s favorite beers are any indication.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, the company’s lack of sales placed yet another exclamation point on its failing campaign to stay alive. According to Outkick, Bud Light failed to claim even one state over the July 4th holiday.

Outkick noted that two maps tell the tale of how far and quickly Bud Light has fallen.

In April, a PR agency surveyed America’s favorite beers. The resulting map showed that Bud Light was still a favorite in eight states.

Those states were North Dakota, Arkansas, Florida, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Delaware.


Another major Anheuser-Busch InBev beer was also on the list. Budweiser was the favorite in Oregon, South Dakota, Nebraska, Texas, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, Georgia, North Carolina, New York, Maine, Maryland, and Rhode Island.

But a new map of the country on July 4th found a different picture, showing that there has been a massive shift in beer sales.

This one shows neither Bud Light nor Budweiser.

The bottom line, this was the worst July 4th Bud Light has ever experienced.

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