BEFORE the following videos and attendant proofs are digested, know this: anyone with a conscience — regardless of political/ideological affiliation — will feel beyond nauseous and enraged to the nth degree upon absorbing the facts at hand. How could they not?

PARADOXICALLY, it is due to the horrific crimes within that veering away amounts to cowardice. Harsh as it seems, failure to stand up and be counted for the sake of the kiddies, despite the personal discomfort, is unacceptable. After all, “to be silent is to agree.”

OF course, it is also understood that most do not possess their own media platform or access to other significant sites, that is, to shout the below atrocities across the internet. Nevertheless, since most have access to social media, it is possible to band together within communities to raise Cain in a manner of speaking. Yes, thinking outside the box is not that difficult if so desired.


AND other links via the Deep State Mafia’s nefarious plans shore up Exhibit Two with revelations from 2015. Literally, the following has been in plain view for over 8 years. Yes, Walmart’s connection to DHS goons, in service of their anti-American agenda, can’t be smoked away. Mind you, a full-on nexus, a nail in the coffin of Satanic ritual child abuse, merges with corporate America and all its appendages! If anything, it evidences their propensity towards treachery — and what can be more treacherous than child/human trafficking!?

MOST significantly, pay all of the truths revealed herein forward. Get busy!!

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