The vice president of the National Border Council is warning that Joe Biden’s horrid border policies are putting the lives of more migrant children at risk.

“What it’s actually doing is it’s allowing the exemption of the unaccompanied juveniles to explode even more so on our southern border,” said Art Del Cueto, according to Just The News.

Del Cueto warns that there has been a huge rise in the number of children crossing the border even without adults, but they aren’t doing this on their own. They are being forced to do so by the drug cartels.

Biden has so loosened the rules for applying for “asylum” that all one must do is send an application through a phone app.

“What people need to understand … is everyone that’s coming across the border, they have to make some negotiation with the drug cartels, the human smugglers,” he said. “So when you’re seeing these 11-year-old kids come across, it’s not like they decided to get to the border and cross on their own. Somebody at some point made some type of arrangements with the drug cartels, with the human smugglers.”

What is happening is that the cartels are sending these children across the border knowing that Biden will just release them all. And they will be released right into the hands of sex traffickers and drug cartel members who use the children for gangland purposes and to act as drug mules.

Biden’s policies are making this all worse and sending thousands of children into sexual slavery or to become impressed into gang activities.

Of course, none of these children would be so badly exploited if Biden had not thrown the border wide open and effectively ended all border and immigration laws.

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