While the rest of us were focused on deep-sea submarines and DC soap opera drama, foreign powers have continued to exploit the mostly-undefended Southern border.

Many on the right still recognize this as an urgent story. And State governments are looking for creative ways to stem the unhindered wave of humanity washing ashore across that undefended border.

We see some combination of legal tactics (court cases); changes to laws; increased manpower for enforcement; and even creative use of physical barriers to keep them from entering in the first place. (Abbott is now testing the installation of floating barriers mid-river to slow the advance of border-crossing even before they set foot on shore).

But the REAL immigration problem isn’t on the Mexican side of the border. It’s where people from all over the planet begin this journey in the first place.

(And guess who’s paying for it!)

Unlike so many people who sit at a desk in DC or New York and tell us there is nothing to worry about, Michael Yon has actually been to the border — and more than that — he has traveled the entire length of the corridor these ‘migrants’ from all over the world have been using.

He has photos (his own photos) of a well-established camp right next to a hospital that was marked on the map. His photos show the progress of buildings in a camp that was already well-established in 2022 and is much more sophisticated today.

When I punch in the exact coordinates that are on the map (searched today), Google Maps gives me this image:


For some reason, Google shows no sign of new developments that have sprung up beside the hospital indicated on the map.

This location gives us a view of Panama, Darien province.

If that sounds familiar, you have probably heard of the Darien Gap. We’ve mentioned it in some of our stories. It’s a dangerous leg of the journey to America where hundreds die, and far more than that are robbed or raped.

Michael Yon calls the location in this photo an ‘invasion camp,’ and (if you look through his Twitter timeline) you will find he has made a very strong case for why he would want to call it that.

Here is what Google Maps does NOT include in that image:

Apple Maps has some very conveniently placed cloud covers.


Are you paying attention yet

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