Bill Nye The Steve Martin lookalike contest winner turned “Science” Guy is back with a new Netflix series, humbly titled “Bill Nye Saves The World”, and one particular episode is causing an uproar for parents on one side and transgender people on the other.

Given that Nye is a die-hard liberal with a mechanical  engineering degree, what would be more natural than to have the television personality teaching our children about the birds and the bees, right? After all he already claims to be an expert in climate science, religion, and social science (he believes that Jews have brought European antisemitism upon themselves).

The bow-tied buffoon covered probability in his new Netflix series using clips from his old broadcast television series “Bill Nye The Science Guy,”  taken from an episode also about probability.

One of the segments that aired in the original version explained:

“Inside each of ourselves are these things called chromosomes, and they control whether we become a boy or a girl,” the narrator explains. “There are only two possibilities: ‘XX,’ a girl, or ‘XY,’ a boy.”

That’s how I learned it in school.  But not how it was edited for Netflix.

But in the new version of his probability episode, Nye demonstrated that both sex and gender choice are non-binary.  That is to say that a person’s sex selection and the gender to which they identify, appear on a scale as opposed to in a check box labeled “male” or “female”.

But that’s not scientifically correct. Gender choice may be non binary, but normal sex selection is based on either XX or XY chromosomes. Gender is a social construct, not a scientific one, it may be caused by legitimate parts of people’s consciousness, and society may recognize a person’s gender selection– but it doesn’t change the fact that sex is based on DNA.

It’s a shame that Nye decided to cut the original version before delivering it to Netflix because the episode could have taught today’s kids something. The original version was the scientific truth sex is a genetic selection like eye color or baldness. In the case of sex it is determined by whether one has either XX or XY chromosomes. And for tyrants like Henry VIII the parent who determines sex is the daddy (I can still blame my baldness on my Mom’s dad).

There’s been no explanation or announcement as to why the segment was censored, and it appears to be the only episode that was edited for its Netflix distribution. Obviously it has more to do with being politically correct than science. Which proves once again that Bill Nye doesn’t give a rat’s pitooey about science. Therefore while Nye is set up as some sort of climate science expert, remember his first concern are doing what is politically correct presenting true science.

Watch Nye’s new version of the gender selection segment below: