The pandemic is done! That was the declaration by Bill Maher on his HBO program Real Time this weekend. This did not make leftists happy. Perhaps because they didn’t want to spend time searching for a new way to control the lives of Americans. Bill Maher said pandemic’s over

“Just resume living,” Maher said during his opening monolog. “I know some people seem to not want to give up on the wonderful pandemic, but you know what? It’s over. There’s always going to be a variant. You shouldn’t have to wear masks. I should be to … I haven’t had a meeting with my staff since March of 2020. Why?”

He added what many others are saying, “Also, vaccine, mask, pick one! You’ve got to pick. You can’t make me mask if I’ve had the vaccine,” and condemned the blue states for the way they were handling COVID. “”I travel in every state now, back on the road, and the red states are a joy and the blue states are a pain in the ass. For no reason.”

Maher slapped Democrats over “a poll that showed “41%” of them believed unvaccinated people have “over 50%” risk of hospitalization when it’s actually “0.89%,” adding that it’s “0.01%” for vaccinated people.  “So in both cases, the correct answer is less than 1%. They thought it was over 50. How do people, especially of one party, get such a bad idea? Where did that come from?”

The liberals did not like what the HBO host said about their opportunity to control Americans. They went so nuts about Maher’s comments they seemed as if they were going to crap in their pants (no, not Biden, that thing wasn’t proven).


Sorry, Mike.  he wasn’t defending the anti-vaxxers.  He said if you took the vaccine, you shouldn’t have to wear a mask, and we should be taking natural immunity into account, a position held by many people who have had the vaccine.


And .89% or .0089 of people who aren’t vaccinated get the virus. Sorry Dr. Steve, but it’s so low. Maher is correct. It’s time to move on, and you liberals need to find a different issue to use to control our lives.

Bill Maher said pandemic’s over