The extreme, anti-family, anti-American, anti-child left is extremely well funded. But where is that money coming from? Apparently Big Pharma is at the forefront of funding the left, especially the transgender agenda.

Tom Jones of the American Accountability Foundation (AAF) recently exposed some of these donations:

While PhRMA has contributed to a wide-array of left-leaning groups, most troubling is PhRMA’s support for organizations that are pushing to advance the LGBTQ agenda. PhRMA’s support for LGBTQ groups spans from the now-notorious Trevor Project, which provides counseling to teenagers on gender transitioning without parental consent, to state transgender groups, to groups that sponsor drag shows, to groups that host ‘pride’ events. These contributions, totaling over $720,000 from 2017 to 2022, show that PhRMA is complicit in advancing the radical LGBTQ agenda in America.

After all, it does make sense. Big Pharma wants to be able to fund millions of transgendering of small children. It’s all about the money. They want government to sanction transgenderim in small children to that insurance companies will be forced to pay for the extremely expensive radical pharmacological and surgical procedures on kids.

And don’t forget, these drugs and procedures are not one-shot things. These things must be ongoing for the patient’s LIFETIME. They are forever.

This is a ton of cash we are talking about. So, this is why Big Pharma wants to push transgederism.

According to PJMedia, here are some of the the donations:

• Equality California, which supported bills in California requiring teachers undergo “LGBTQ+ cultural competency training” and a bill that would require a parent’s affirmation of child’s gender identity be considered during child custody decisions.

• The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, which publishes a “Facts for Families” guide on “Transgender and Gender Diverse Youth” that provides guidance on medical and surgical gender transitioning.

• Diversity Richmond, which sponsors events such as “drag bingos.”

• The Human Rights Campaign, which pushes the LGBTQ agenda in workplaces and schools.

• The LGBTQ Victory Institute, which aims to place LGBTQ individuals in presidential appointments.

• The Trevor Project, which offers counseling on gender transitions without parental consent to teenagers.

• The Maine Transgender Network, which opposed a bill to establish a rating system for books in school libraries and opposed a bill to allow only female students to participate in girls’ school sports.

• The Center for Black Equity, which sponsors black LGBTQ pride events and brands itself as “an alternative to the largely white mainstream LGBTQ+ movement.”

These people don’t care about children. They care about money.

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