You guys have asked for changes in the look of The Lid daily email.  Today is the first step in making that happen.

Some readers have commented that the text is too small, other have said that the page much too wide,  and to be honest I’ve always felt that for an email it’s waaaaay to long. So I’ve asked the designers at Liberty Alliance to help me create a better, more user friendly product for you. Today is step one

Today’s email is cleaner and easier to read. It’s also much shorter. Instead of sending the full text of each article you it contains the featured image and a the headline for each piece. If you click on the headline, you will be transferred to the full article page on The Lid.

To be honest, I wanted to  include a short blurb or opening paragraph of each article, however so far we haven’t worked out a way to make that look good. Do you think it’s needed?

So please bear with us, we are working on making the daily email much more user friendly. If you have any comments/suggestions to make it look better please leave a comment below, and we do our best.

Thank you for subscribing, thank you for reading.

Oh and for those of you who haven’t subscribed as of yet, why not give it a try? Just click on the envelope below and you will be taken to the the subscriber form.