Big Fat Jewish Wedding

Some of you may have noticed I haven’t posted since Friday.  No, I haven’t hurt myself. The January 6th committee didn’t demand I testify before the bogus committee, nor did Joe Biden ask me to give him a remedial reading lesson. On Sunday I tried to get tickets for a NY Mets home game, but they were all sold out.  So I decided to put on a waiter’s outfit and joined my beautiful wife to walk my wonderful daughter down the aisle watched by friends, family, and people who snuck in to get a free meal.

Big Fat Jewish Wedding

I Now Pronounce You Kallah and Chatan (Bride and Groom). Alexa married a wonderful guy, Lavey Weil, who most importantly is a NY Mets fan.















Big Fat Jewish Wedding

Joining My Beautiful Wife In Walking My Wonderful Daughter Alexa Down The Aisle


Along with being a great kid, as a special bonus, Lavey comes into the family with two great parents Debra and Gary Weil with whom we’ve become friends.

Big Fat Jewish Wedding

The Groom’s Parents, Gary and Debra Weil


Daddy’s Little Girl

She Will Always Be Daddy’s Little Girl


The two mothers. Lois and Debra


Tickets to The Mets Game were sold out so we decided to get dressed up and go to the wedding.

Big Fat Jewish Wedding

The Two Dads

The Two Dads had the most important job of the nuptials. We had to stay out of most of the details under the pain of death.BUT at key points of the wedding planning, we had the responsibility of saying things like “sure,” “okay” and/or “whatever you say” honey. And during the reception, we were told to do a key investigation. That was in case someone asked, “do you know the score of the Mets game? But as usual, the fathers got no credit.

Note: please don’t tell my wife I wrote the above.


Bride and Groom Dance


Dear Alexa and Lavey,

We wish you a long and happy life together filled with much love, Simchas, and Torah. Your love should remain as strong as the love shared by both sets of parents.

In conclusion, allow me to share the wise words my mother of blessed memory told Lois and me on our wedding day…… no backsies!








Big Fat Jewish Wedding