Biden’s SPOX, Karine Jean-Pierre, makes one wonder if she an idiot, a liar, or did she somehow catch the President’s dementia.

During her Monday presser, she claimed there’s been ‘more than a 90% reduction in illegal immigration, maybe it’s…well… does anyone know if marijuana is legal in DC?

This was her Monday falsehood:

On Tuesday, she tried to weasel out of her statement made the day before when Peter Doocy had the nerve to ask her about the 90% figure she threw out to the press on Monday.

You said yesterday that when it comes to illegal migration, you’ve seen it come down by more than 90%. Where did that number come from?…CBP is telling us the number is 136,000 people more this fiscal year…

Jean-Pierre had steam coming from her ears when she interrupted Doocy, tried to stop him from asking his whole question, and accused him of being dramatic.

DRAMATIC??? As you can see in the video below, he wasn’t being dramatic, and she was still lying. Biden’ss press liar Jean-Pierre claimed she was referring to”“the parolee program,”” the Biden administration”“put in place…to deal with certain countries on — on ways that we can limit illegal migration”” and”“the data has shown us, that is gone down by more than 90 percent””

She did mention the parolee program on Monday, but most reporters believed her 90% figure referred to all illegals. But she didn’t claim she was misinterpreted.

The whole thing smells like bull sh*t to me.

Senator Cruz (R-TX) correctly told Larry Kudlow:

Karine Jean-Pierre is the most brazen liar to ever take the White House podium. It’s a complete indictment of the corrupt corporate media— they don’t care that she flat-out lies to the American people about the Bidenborder crisis.

On the bright side, she didn’t blame former President Trump for her lies.