On Monday, Joe Biden’s White House press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, blurted out the most significant lie yet about the wondrousness of Joe Biden’s (obviously failed) economic policies that she insists are a great success.

During the presser, Jean-Pierre claimed that Biden has not only worked to lower costs for Americans but he’s actually achieved it!

Get a load of this stink bomb:

“This President has been so zeroed in, so laser-focused, on lowering costs for Americans — and we’ve done that!”

This isn’t spin, the typical Washington BS where there is some truth buried in the BS.

This is a straight-up, no-holds-barred, bald-faced lie.

The FACT is that Biden hasn’t lowered a single cost for Americans anywhere in this country.

Even the left-wing Washington Post has reported that costs are way up in nearly every sector of the economy and that American costs are way, way up, recently noting that “Many Americans still feel the sting of high costs for the basics. And even as inflation eases, prices are not expected to return to levels before the pandemic.”

Here are just a few tiny examples of how costs have soared for America:

  • Groceries up 20%
  • Food away from home is up 18.5%
  • Energy costs up 43%
  • Gas prices up 62.5%
  • Electricity prices up 26%
  • Used cars and trucks up 33%
  • New cars up 20%
  • Furniture up 17%
  • Clothes up 11.4%

Virtually nothing is cheaper, no costs have been lowered.


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