He’s already doubled gas prices and made us reliant on foreign oil. Winter hasn’t hit yet, but the cost of home heating oil has skyrocketed, and supply is low to the point that it might have to be rationed. Biden’s policies will cause some families to have an extra cold winter. And don’t forget the price increases and low diesel supply, shutting the supply chain. But this is going way too far:

Biden was set to announce on Friday a supplemental rule cracking down on emissions of methane — a potent greenhouse gas that contributes significantly to global warming and packs a stronger short-term punch than even carbon dioxide — as he attends a global climate conference in Egypt.

This “new rule targets emissions from existing oil and gas wells nationwide rather than focusing only on new wells as previous EPA regulations have done.” But you know our President. Give him an inch he’ll make us wear masks and get a vaccine.

People on the extreme left of the political spectrum believe that they have a right to control everyone’s life.

When he announces the new rules, will he recognize the take into account that almost every living thing on Earth produces methane?   Will he toss new burdens upon Americans, enforcing a revised diet to reduce the number of “butt trumpets” produced by every human and most animals in the U.S.?

His attack on flatulence is totally hypocritical. At a climate conference in February 2021, Prince (now king) Charlie’s wife, Camillia, told anyone who would listen that Joe Biden released a significant amount of methane. According to the Duchess, Biden blew air biscuit so long and foul-smelling that she was blown away. She couldn’t stop talking about it. But the massive Biden blowout couldn’t have affected climate change because no one has proven that climate change exists. In fact, the temperature hasn’t increased since Sept. 20

Here’s some truth,  those pushing the global warming hypothesis are about 13 thousand years late. Approximately 12,750 years ago, before big cars, coal plants, and significant presidential bottom burps, CO2/greenhouse gas levels were higher than today. Also, during some past ice ages, levels were up to 20x today’s CO2  levels.

According to a report in Nature Communication, .somewhere between 115K and 130K years ago, the Earth went through a severe warming spell that 65% of the Antarctic Ice melted. One conclusion is that unless the Flintstones lied to us and used carbon-based fuel instead of foot power, climate change happened without any help from mankind.

That won’t stop Biden from making laws to get us to change our diets. Say goodbye to nice juicy T-bones. On average, every cow releases 30 to 50 gallons of methane daily via farting and belching. Growing up, I shared a bedroom with my brother, and I can promise he answered the call of the wild burrito much more than the average cow (he blames me, but that wouldn’t be honest).

It’s time for Dementia Joe to understand that based on facts, even the initial methane rules are unnecessary and oppressive, But the really frightening thing is the logical next step. Every human and almost every other living thing does anal acoustics. We shouldn’t allow Biden to forget the time he was near the future Queen Consort Camillia and broke the sound barrier without an airplane.