The Biden administration has spent over $7 billion on Medicaid to care for illegals over the last fiscal term, more than the presidents combined over the last 12 years.

Per Just the News:

During a congressional hearing Wednesday on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ job performance, Green said more people have entered the U.S. illegally under his roughly two-year tenure “than in the 12 years of the Obama and Trump administrations combined.”

He repeated the largely well-known fact that most migrants coming to the southern U.S. border are there because of hard-to-fix economic problems in their countries, but argued that “they’re coming in record numbers because Mayorkas has left the doors of our country unlocked and wide open.”

“These individuals typically possess no legitimate claim to asylum and under prior administrations – both Democrat and Republican – most would have been quickly deported. The difference now? Mayorkas and his policies,” he also said at the hearing, titled “Open Borders, Closed Case: Secretary Mayorkas’ Dereliction of Duty on the Border Crisis.”

The Tennessee Republican said that Medicaid spending on emergency medical services for illegal immigrants went from roughly $3 billion in fiscal year 2020 to over $7 billion in fiscal year 2021.

This is just one example. It doesn’t even consider the billions every single state is forced to spend due to the illegals in their jurisdictions.

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