Joe Biden keeps claiming that his “Bidenomics” has resulted in a deluge of new jobs, but a look at his jobs reports finds that 11 of the last 13 reports had major revisions downward after the media played up the higher numbers.

This quiet reversal of fortunes has become a standard practice in the last few years, unfortunately.

The formula is that Biden and his regime blows its horn about the great number of jobs he has “created” with Dept. of Labor statistics. Then, the media echoes that blaring horn and posts thousands of stories that claim Biden’s job numbers somehow beat expectations. The public then goes away thinking Joe Biden just brought in a ton of new jobs.


Weeks later, the DOL “revises” this number of new jobs that was reported. And they always “revise” it downward and it ends up that Biden actually created many thousands fewer jobs than the first report claimed.

Check out this graph:

This is how Biden not only cooks the books, but how the media is complicit in spreading his lies.

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