Joe Biden has reached approval ratings even lower than Donald Trump’s lowest score, only months before the 2024 elections.

FiveThirtyEight is reporting that Biden has reached the lowest rating of his presidency at 37.7 percent. On the other hand, the lowest the site rated Trump during his presidency was 38.6 percent.

So, Biden now sits a full point lower than Trump ever did in the site’s reckoning.

It all made liberal blogger Nate Silver lament the fact that Biden even decided to run for reelection.

And remember, FiveThiryEight is a liberal blog, so Biden’s numbers are likely even worse than that.

Meanwhile, the site gives Trump a 41.5 favorable rating (compared to Biden’s 37.7 rating). And remember, this is a liberal site, so Biden’s real score is probably lower and Trump’s higher.

Ultimately, the numbers are interesting. Because, you might recall that Biden constantly pointed to Trump’s low approval numbers when he was president and said that Trump was “the worst president America’s ever had.”

Yet now, Biden’s numbers are even lower than “the worst president America’s ever had.”

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