Joe Biden is wrecking havoc with our economy once again, this time by causing the costs of our Independence Day BBQ supplies to soar.

This year’s repast is up at least five percent over last year, which itself was up over the previous year, according to the American Farm Bureau.

Your typical barbecue for 10 guests will now cost $71.22, up 5% from last year’s $67.73.

Ground beef prices are up 11%, now costing $12.77 for two pounds. Pork chops are are up 8% to $15.49 for a three-pound package. Chicken breast, though dropped 4% to $7.83 for two pounds. But that is probably because the industry is rebounding a bit for culling so many birds thanks to the bird flu.

Look at the uptick here:

“Higher prices at the grocery store reflect a number of challenges facing America’s families. Lower availability of some cookout staples and inflation are hitting people in their wallets.,” the AFB says.

But the good news is, Biden is giving illegal aliens their July 4th meals for free. So, there’s that.

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