A new survey by Qualtrics found that more than half of respondents are looking to work overtime or second jobs to make ends meet thanks to the soaring costs imposed by Joe Biden’s economic disaster.

Per Big League Politics:

This survey was published earlier this month. 57% indicated that they are looking to work overtime or additional shifts. On the other hand, 38% are looking for a second job. Survey responders with children were more likely to pursue extra hours at their present jobs (64%) and look for additional job opportunities (47%).

This poll comes at a time when Americans are coping with the highest inflation rate in decades. The annual inflation rate in September was 8.2%. Earlier in 2022, inflation nearly reached 9%.

According to the Qualtrics poll, 64% of respondents said they are having issues paying for their living expenses, more so than in 2021.

Although wages have climbed upwards during most of the recovery phase of the Wuhan virus recession, average earnings fell by 3% over the past year when adjustments are made for inflation, per Labor Department statistics.

37% of poll respondents stated that they have searched for a more lucrative job — 43% who have children — and roughly 20% moved to more affordable cities or states to cushion the cost of living crisis they’re currently facing.

This is no surprise. Bidenflation is destroying every American. But mainly the middle and lower classes. Both in 2020 and 2022.

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