Our current President, one sleepy Joe Biden, certainly doesn’t love talking to the press.

And who could blame him? His constant gaffes and mistruths have cost him an inordinate amount of political capital over the years, and each time he steps up to the lectern is an opportunity for him to further cement his legacy as America’s most gibberish-prone Commander in Chief.

It stands to reckon that Biden wasn’t thrilled about getting in front of the American people on Thursday, either, and a last-minute question from a reporter appeared to set him off.

After Biden gave remarks on the shootdown of the Chinese spy balloon and other flying objects in recent days, several reporters shouted questions at the President. One could be heard asking if his dealings with China are compromised by his family’s business relationships.

Biden whipped his head toward the reporter in question and frowned before saying, “give me a break, man,” and laughing.

And then came a troubling suggestion from the President.

After NBC’s Peter Alexander asked him to respond to criticism that he’d overreacted to the balloon, Biden advised him and others who were more “polite” to see him later.

“You can come to my office and ask a question where we have more polite people,” he said before walking off.

Afterward, some reporters could be heard on a hot mic grumbling at each other.

“That does not help our authority to get information out of the president,” one could be heard saying.

A video of the Biden incident can be seen below.

Biden’s insistence that these later objects were not of Chinese origin piqued the interest of many Americans who believe that the First Family’s business ties in Beijing make it impossible for them to be impartial in the White House.

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