Joe Biden’s administration has been caught ordering Border Patrol agents to cut down the razor wire obstacles put up by Texas officials so that illegal aliens can easily cross into the U.S.

Let that sink in, folks. Biden is DISMANTLING obstacles so that disease-racked, uneducated, lawbreaking, illegal criminals can get into the U.S.A. easier.

Per the Daily Wire:

“Video from source in Eagle Pass shows Border Patrol cutting through razor wire placed by the state of TX to allow migrants to enter & be processed after crossing illegally,” Melugin said. “[The Texas Department of Public Safety] tells me this is the first time they know of this happening, and that it’s being looked into for potential destruction of TX property.”

“The federal government’s position is that once migrants are on U.S. soil, under U.S. law, they need to be processed, and cannot be repelled or turned away,” he continued. “Texas is taking a much different approach, and has been physically blocking migrants under orders from Governor @GregAbbott_TX . TXDPS tells me the location this video was shot at is private property, and that they have permission from the owner to lay down razor wire and arrest migrants for criminal trespassing.”

The Border Patrol claims that they saw the illegals on the wrong side of the wire and cut it so they could take them into custody.

Ut this is hardly any excuse. After all, the Border Patrol is simply under orders to let them go once they are processed. So, nothing of any consequence was done by opening the razor wire except to let thousands of others use that same entry point once BP officers had left.

This is more evidence that Joe Biden has fully suspended all immigration laws and that anyone can simply walk into the country and sign up for government-provided welfare.;


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