Joe Biden continues his expensive, foolhardy drive to force every American into a useless electric vehicle. Now, he is putting another $100 million of our tax dollars into trying to push these garbage vehicles on “disadvantaged communities.”

So… where are they going to charge them? At a liquor store?

According to Judicial Watch, Biden is throwing more good money after bad to subsidize access for poor people supposedly to install and repair broken EV charging stations in their neighborhoods.

The venture will ‘ensure disadvantaged communities benefit from upgraded charging infrastructure,” the Department of Transportation says.

With Biden’s National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Formula Program, the money will be wasted to “strategically deploy charging stations and establish an interconnected network to facilitate data collection, access and reliability.”

Judicial Watch said Biden’s newest waste of money includes “an extensive section dedicated to securing environmental justice for disadvantaged, historically marginalized and overburdened communities, by, among other things, creating a White House Environmental Justice Interagency Council consisting of top government leaders.”

Biden is ordering these ne’er-do-wells to address “environmental justice” in these underserved communities.

“Agencies shall make achieving environmental justice part of their missions by developing programs, policies, and activities to address the disproportionately high and adverse human health, environmental, climate-related, and other cumulative impacts on disadvantaged communities, as well as the accompanying economic challenges of such impacts,” Biden said.

“It is not clear what the EV ownership rate is in marginalized or overburdened communities or the demand for chargers because the government has failed to provide that information. However, the administration reveals that as of this month, 6,261 public charging ports out of 151,506 nationwide were identified as temporarily unavailable,” Judicial Watch added.

We desperately need a president who will cancel all this idiotic garbage. Although it’s doubtful that will ever happen,


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