Joe Biden is moving to further penalize the American firearms industry by making his ban on selling small arms outside the U.S. a permanent one.

Biden moved to hamper the U.S. firearms industry last Oct. when he put what he claimed was a temporary ban on U.S. companies from selling their products to non-government customers outside the U.S.

The ban cost American businesses hundreds of millions of dollars and was an attempt to bankrupt American arms makers and starve them of revenue.

Now Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo is preparing to make the “temporary” ban on exports into a permanent one, according to Shooting News.

Biden has been unable to get any anti-gun legislation passed by Congress, so he has passed s many fake “Executive Orders” as he can to destroy an entire American industry.

Some estimates place the loss to the U.S. firearms industry at upwards to $238 million.

Now Biden wants to compound that loss year over year. Forever.

Joe Biden has been a power mad, ideological, enemy to this country who uses his powers as president to destroy America, not improve it.

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