In 2008, Democrat Joe Biden mercilessly derided the late Sen. John McCain as “an angry man” too afraid to confront Barack Obama to his face. It is an essential reminder in the wake of an endorsement of Biden by McCain’s widow, Cindy, of how fickle the Left can be.

Friction during the 2008 election arose when then-Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin mentioned links between Obama and 1960s radical leader of a domestic terrorist group, Bill Ayers. McCain had resisted making such links for quite some time, but Palin finally put them at the forefront as the campaign was winding down. Biden, displeased, launched an attack on the man he had earlier claimed was his friend.

Biden ripped into McCain without referring to any friendship they may have or once had.

“What you are seeing is an angry man,” Biden said of McCain while campaigning in Florida.

With opinion polls showing Obama and Biden opening a solid lead, Biden accused McCain of attempting to divert attention from the ailing economy and his long support of unpopular President George W. Bush with personal attacks against Obama.

“I guess when you vote with George W. Bush 90 percent of the time, your best hope is to attack your opponent 100 percent of the time,” Biden said.

(…) “In my neighborhood where I came from if you got something to say to a man, look him in the eye and say it,”

Notice how Biden’s pitch a dozen years ago sounds like his pitch today?

Biden Dismissed John McCain as a ‘Sidekick’

Then-Sen. Biden also denigrated McCain as a puppet of George W. Bush. “You can’t call yourself a maverick when all you’ve ever been is a sidekick,” Biden scoffed during a campaign speech.

In fairness, comments like these are business as usual between rivals for high political office. But the fact that Cindy McCain is willing to bury the hatchet with Biden, but not Trump, is pretty telling–especially after telling America she wasn’t going to get involved.

In 2020 she stepped away from her promise with this tweet.

And there is only one Senator responsible for putting America through two years of hell by starting the  Russiagate investigation. It was McCain who first provided the fraudulent Steele dossier to the FBI.

Presumably, the McCain family’s Republican values would include being pro-life, lower taxes, freedom from government. Imagine becoming so entrenched in the “Orange Man Dad” philosophy that you abandon all of those values.

But then, abandoning one’s principles because of your hatred for one man is a very McCain thing to do. “McCain argued for years to repeal Obamacare,” The Political Insider’s Wayne Dupree writes, “but when he had the chance to cast the deciding vote to repeal Obamacare, he voted against the action, solely because he disliked Trump.” As I said before, John McCain was a war hero. But he wasn’t a senate hero. At the end of his senate career, McCain crapped all over his conservative colleagues and disparaged Sarah Palin, who sacrificed her political career for his presidential campaign.

There was one Biden/Obama campaign charge that was meaner than others. The Obama campaign also committed the “sin” of belittling McCain’s war record, mocking him for the injuries he suffered, scoffing at his age, and even comparing him to a Nazi.

The following campaign ad joked about McCain’s inability to send an email.

“McCain’s severe war injuries prevent him from combing his hair, typing on a keyboard, or tying his shoes,” is the full Mary Leonard wrote in the Boston Globe in 2000 referred to in the ad.

How quickly everyone forgets that Biden and his supporters said some nasty things during the heat of a political battle. Yet, his side has been forgiven, the other not.

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