Joe Biden is decimating our navy even as China, the world’s more aggressive, dangerous enemy, continues to pump billions of yuan into building the world’s biggest navy.

The Biden administration has already ended most new shipbuilding projects, but now Biden wants even more cuts to the Navy’s budget.

The only thing the U.S. has left is a fleet of strong aircraft carriers. That is something China does not have. But not having it does not mean they are not planning. China will have such ships soon; once they have those, our best advantage will be nullified.

Biden does not care. He is steadily allowing our enemies to mass superior forces even as he steadily cuts ours to the size of a tiny flotilla.

Per the Washington Free Beacon:

President Joe Biden’s 2024 budget proposal would deal a massive blow to the already strained American Navy—the White House wants to prematurely retire eight ships and two combat vessels. By taking these ships out of action, the Navy would lose more than 600 vertical launch missile systems—a missile capability that serves as the primary deterrent to Chinese military attacks in the Pacific, according to congressional research provided to the Washington Free Beacon.

“The Biden Administration’s defense budget would hollow out our fleet and scrap Navy radars and missile systems we desperately need to deter China,” Sen. Roger Wicker (R., Miss.), the Senate Armed Services Committee’s ranking member, told the Free Beacon. “Prematurely retiring our ships sends exactly the wrong signal to China as they continue to build their own Navy at a historic pace.”

Biden’s budget would decrease the total number of active Navy ships, retiring at least 11 ships while only requesting the construction of nine new vessels. The Navy currently has 294 battle force ships, far short of the 355 it is required to have by law. Biden’s budget would further reduce this number, according to information about the White House’s 2023 budget proposal codified by Wicker’s office.

China, meanwhile, expects to field more than 400 ships by 2025 amid a rapid growth plan that will modernize its fleet with aircraft carriers, guided missile destroyers, and surface combat vessels, according to American defense officials. China’s current fleet stands at around 340 ships.

If it isn’t any clearer, Joe Biden is working for the Chinese. This makes it clear.

Biden intends to leave America with no way to get its soldiers, equipment, and leaders outside our territory.


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