Twitter’s grassroots fact-checking service is doing the job that journalists refuse to do — hold President Biden accountable for his claims.

Users of Twitter’s “Community Notes” feature often propose notes on tweets posted to the Prevaricator In Chief’s account, but because there must be an agreement between contributors with a diversity of views, the notes aren’t always seen by the public.

Unfortunately for Biden, several tweets posted to his @POTUS account on Sunday garnered enough consensus across the political spectrum to be shown to the public on Twitter as “helpful” notes.

The first was a tweet claiming credit for the 988 Suicide and Crisis Prevention Hotline and its success. There’s just one problem — it was signed into law during the Trump administration.

The second tweet to be fact-checked by Twitter users was one touting the success of “Bidenomics” and its effect on real wages post-COVID.

Community Notes slapped reality onto the tweet with actual data and not just partisan claims.


Looks like Biden is getting called out for his lies by ordinary Americans every single day and twice on Sundays.

I’m not alone in appreciating Community Notes on Biden’s tweets.

Some right-wingers pointed out that in the old days, it used to be the job of journalists to hold elected officials to account.

Unfortunately, it is true.

And the so-called fact-checkers — some funded by leftwing billionaires — carrying water for the Dems and labeling anything they don’t like “disinformation” and “hate” aren’t helping.

Elon Musk did a great thing when he bought Twitter and changed the creepily named “Bird Watch” feature to “Community Notes” and democratized fact-checking.

We always asked who would fact-check the fact-checkers, and now we know. It’s you.


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