With all of the Left desperately looking for ways to ‘Katrina’ Trump with the Wuhan Chinese Coronavirus, Biden is following suit. And that was a bad idea. Biden Cruz

While Trump is looking for ways to LEAD the nation and navigate through this crisis, balancing the medical needs of Americans today with their financial needs of tomorrow, Joe Biden is doing something entirely different.

He’s showing the world what a good understudy he has been for Obama, by looking for ways to blame Republicans for everything.

Then along came Ted Cruz to ruin his party.

Biden has been trying to thread the political needle. He WANTS to attack Trump for this crisis, but he knows that we all saw his own early reaction… so he’s trying not to paint himself in a box in the process.

After all, we all SAW him call Trump a Xenophobe for closing America to visitors from China, over the objections of many of his advisors.

We saw him with Chuck Todd, where Chuck DESPERATELY wanted him to say that Trump has blood on his hands (Nancy Pelosi has been happy to supply THAT talking point), but at least Biden pushed back on that line.

Now, Biden (or, let’s be honest, more likely an advisor) has settled on a plan of attack:

Trump didn’t cause it, but he FAILED to do all that he COULD do? Sorry Sleepy Joe. You should really sit this one out.

Care to explain WHY the respirators used up during the LAST crisis weren’t restocked (if your deteriorating mind remembers)?

It can’t only be ‘lack of funding.’ After all… we all remember how pallets of cash found its way onto an unmarked plane bound for Iran.

It wasn’t a priority.

The math is simple here, Joe: more you hammer this issue, the more we will remind the world about YOUR role in failing to hand off a nation ready to properly face this challenge.

Hey, it’s only fair game, after all.

Your team spent 8 years blaming your economic situation on Dubya, and the last 3 taking credit for the current economy.

This decision is one we actually CAN trace back to you!

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