Joe Biden has been the worst president in history where it comes to adding new regulations to burden Americans and has slammed us all with a massive $1 TRILLION in new regulations and rules… yes, just as the economy is already doing so badly, he is trying to hurt it even more with oppressive rules.

Per American Action News:

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) final emissions regulations for light- and medium-duty vehicles, which some have characterized as an electric vehicle (EV) mandate, pushed the costs of the Biden administration’s regulatory agenda over the $1 trillion threshold for 2024, alone, according to AAF’s analysis. Across all agencies and regulatory actions last week, the federal government published regulations imposing $103 billion worth of total costs and 11.6 million annual paperwork hours.

Between April 22 and April 26, federal agencies proposed 38 additional rules and regulations that would cumulatively cost about $34 billion, according to AAF. Some of the major, expensive regulatory actions the administration advanced last week include the Department of Labor’s “overtime rule” and a new Medicare rule from the Department of Health and Human Services.

“This past week, the final rule cost total for just 2024 can now be measured in 13 digits,” Dan Goldbeck, AAF’s director of regulatory policy, wrote of the administration’s regulatory agenda on Monday. “While no rule matched the singular impact of the prior week’s EPA rule – because, really, what could? – this was also one of the more prolific weeks in recent memory.”

Biden is destroying this country.

It is not an accident.

Biden is purposefully destroying this country.

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